Miley Cyrus Turns 21 Today! Let’s Look Back At Her Crazy Year

It seems like Miley Cyrus has taken over the world. Every day, we hear a new story about her bleaching her eyebrows or lighting up a joint on stage at an award show! When we all saw the video for “We Can’t Stop” we knew something had to be done, right? But we just kept on letting her twerk, didn’t we? We should be ashamed. Sweet and innocent Hannah Montana is gone and crazy-ass Miley is here (at least for a little while…). She’s the craziest she’s ever been, and she’s only an early twenty-something!

In fact, Ms. Cyrus turns 21 today! Happy Birthday, Miley!

What do you guys think Miley is planning on doing for the big 2-1? Hitting up every nightclub in Hollywood? Partying it up with her big buddy, Kanye West? Maybe she’s planning on buying a mass quantity of foam fingers and organizing a flashmob to recreate her “strategic hot mess” of a VMA performance. Or maybe she’s just having a small, quiet evening at home with Billy Ray and some friends. Nah, only old school Miley would do that. We’ve got new school, joint-smoking, tongue-moving, and eye-brow bleaching Miley now. 20 was an incredible year for Ms. Cyrus. She went through a complete transformation. Check out what we deemed the absolutely craziest and memorable moments from Miley’s past year in entertainment in the gallery below!

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