Celebs Are Speaking Out on Their Sex Lives…And It’s Weird

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halle berry

Celebrities are always in the spotlight, sometimes it is well deserved. From Robin Thicke to Halle Berry, these people are not afraid to hold back, and boy do they really fill us in on some of the more intimate details of their sex lives. They always ask for privacy, but when it comes to sex, they’re an open book! God bless their children, they will definitely be seeking therapy after reading these articles about their moms and dads.

My favorite is Jada Pinkett Smith, her relationship with Will Smith always seems so interesting, they are always in the tabloids with some crazy story about an opened marriage, threesomes, and other crazy shenanigans. So it’s no surprise they had to throw some thing into the mix. Check out the article over at YourTango and take a look for yourself!

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