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Get Your Glitter on Girl! [Beauty Brunch]

That’s right, we’re obsessed and ain’t no one gonna stop us! We love glitter all the livelong day, livelong year and livelong life. And with the holidays finally here, we have an excuse to rock it every day (not that we actually needed an excuse!). Some people hate glitter, and we understand that. It does get everywhere, but isn’t that the best part? In our opinion, yes. But even if you’re not one to rock these little specks of glimmering magic, you can still appreciate their editorial qualities. Some of our favorite spreads, like Beyoncé’s from Flaunt Magazine, utilize some of the most talented makeup artists to apply tons of the shimmery stuff to our favorite models and celebs. Check out our the best glitter beauty below and get inspired to add some sparkle to your weekend.

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