Cooper Union Students Are Raising Tuition For The Entire Incoming Class

Cooper Union used to a completely free, prestigious university but for the first time in 155 years, the university decided to start charging its students in 2014. However the students at Cooper Union’s Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture are not about that life. Instead of sulking or paying up, the students are trying to crowdfund $600,000 to cover the tuition and fees of incoming students.

So far the students have raised over $65,000 in through the One Year Fund but only 28 days remain. Presumably students who are already enrolled have their free tuition roll over but only new students will have to pay up. According to the students’ mission statement they truly believe that paying tuition compromises the Cooper Union experience, “Our institution faces a serious financial crisis that has prompted the administration to introduce tuition. Tuition compromises the meritocratic foundation of our school and undermines the social contract amongst students and faculty. We are committed to ensuring that the incoming students are educated under the same conditions of social equality that have been the core of our institution for the past century.”

It’s a great idea and even if they don’t raise all the money hopefully this will reduce the amount incoming students have to pay. Watch the One Year Fund video here.

[Via. Business Insider]

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