Our Breakup Playlist Will Help Heal Your Heart

Whether you were the dumpee or the dumped, breaking-up is hard to do. You through the seven stages of grief, plus some. You wonder if you’ll get back together or if the relationship was a mistake in the first place. You’ll think about everything you did wrong (of course, you were perfect though), and how you were wronged. You won’t eat, you won’t sleep. Or you’ll over eat and sleep all the time.

Everyone processes break-ups differently but at some point or another, you will be mess. You’ll bum everyone out with your sadness and try to overcompensate by pretending you’re fine. It’s okay if you’re not. Sometimes you just need to stay at home, cry it out, and scream insults about your ex into your pillow. Whatever you do, just know that you’re not alone. We’ve created the perfected playlist to help you through your alone time. Songs range from moods of wanting to get back together to never seeing your ex to revenge mode. However you  feel, this playlist has the song for you!

[Lead image via solominviktor/Shutterstock]

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