A Baruch College Student Dies Following Fraternity Pledging Ritual

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Michael Deng, a freshman at Baruch College, has died following a pledging ritual by the school’s Pi Delta Psi fraternity. The ritual took place in the Poconos, Pennsylvania far from campus grounds and school officials had no idea the act was taking place. Deng was reportedly hit with “too many tackles” and suffered severe brain trauma.

He was taken to the hospital by friends. According to USA Today, “Pi Delta Psi members didn’t respond to requests for comment. The fraternity identifies itself as ‘an Asian American Cultural Fraternity’ founded in 1994, with a mission ‘to spread Asian American Cultural awareness.’”

Baruch College said they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hazing and if it is truly the cause of Deng’s death there will be consequences to those fraternity members. The statement also said, “The preliminary reports indicate that Michael died over the weekend while participating in an unsanctioned fraternity pledging event. Baruch College had no knowledge of this event or that the fraternity was rushing a pledge class. Pi Delta Psi did not request permission nor were they approved by Baruch on this matter.”

There’s nothing wrong with a little fun hazing but things get taken to the next level far too often. It is always shocking how quickly people go from playing around to unrelentingly torturing their peers.

[Via. USA Today / Shutterstock/auremar]