High Style: The Dopest Weed Fashion Around

Puff, puff, pass that dress. I’ve never been shy about my support for the ganja, and I know many people like to wear the love on their sleeves,¬†literally. When you think about it, the marijuana leaf is actually quite beautiful and ornate, so it’s kind of a perfect print. The many names for weed also make for fun, cheap puns and cheeky slogans, a guilty pleasure of which we can’t get enough.

There are a lot of crunchy, strange marijuana clothing and accessories floating around on the internet, so you need to be careful when shopping. Be sure to steer clear of drug rugs and chintzy jewelry reminiscent of something you bought at Spencer’s 10 years ago. This is HIGH STYLE after all. Check out some of our favorite pieces below, and you’ll look doper than the rest.

[Lead image via Fandaily]

Amanda GabrieleCOLLEGECANDY Writer
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