Cosmic Candy: December 16 – December 22

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December 16 - Decemeber 22

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising: Whatever lies outside of us is sure to be found first within. This is terrible news for the ego, for it wants to cut, separate and dislocate our responsibility, sending it out into the stratosphere of the “other”. Conversations are meant to knock some sense into your week, so let them. For many of us it takes a tremendous blow to soften to the truth of what our part may be in the destruction of our lives, it’s just so much simpler to be a victim of another’s cruelty. However, when great leaders reveal that there is in fact another way, a way so powerful, so daunting in its integrity and so towering an accomplishment – to live without bitterness and resentment – we know deep down that we too could have the potential to be that exceptional. This is something akin to prostrating ourselves before Creation while allowing our swollen self-righteousness to die a little death.  While we never want to stifle our righteous rage, as it fuels our courage so that we may do what must be done, we are wise to temper it with a tremendous amount of heart. All of this relationship material doesn’t dampen the confidence that you are finding in your work life but most of your real success hinges on how you collect and make sense of the shrapnel of your relationships. Summon the pieces, make an honest collage instead of a pretty picture and arrange it with great sincerity so that the truth of the thing can be revealed.

Taurus and Taurus Rising: I hope that you are planning a great escape-or better yet a grand adventure fueled by your quest to better understand all the unanswerable questions. The solstice (December 21st) brings you into the realm of roaming and highlights a relationship that’s helping your break out of your norm and see life through a different lens. As much as you can, seek out the wisdom from the experiences that others around you have had, lean on loved ones and ones that inspire a feeling of love in you, to lead you. When we are left to our own devices we only expand and grow so much, we need the influence of one another so that the consciousness within us can be sparked. Ignition takes friction and friction takes opposition and opposition takes two. You know, the tango and all that. The opposition that the full moon brings you this Tuesday is one of tension between what you own (or what owns you) and what you inherit or share with others. This is a beautiful opportunity to test your faith by means of generosity-what can you give without expecting anything in return? What owns you and how can you flip that in order to be free?

Gemini and Gemini Rising: While you may be ambivalent about what you truly desire, or feeling unable to fully connect to what that may be (including love affairs and romances, speaking of which, isn’t it funny when we realize that it’s us that’s ambivalent and not just them) The Gemini full moon this Tuesday is all yours, my friend. What does it mean to have a full moon in your sign? That’s up to you to a large extent. Mostly I just watch the astrology unfold in my life, knowing full well that I have a massive effect on how it will all roll out. Full moons signify completions, in our sign they mark a half birthday and they have a way of spot lighting the issues that we have with our identity and our bodies. It can be celebratory or overwhelming, frightening or exuberant. Often a piece of us comes into view, as it surfaces, reveals itself and is highlighted. This is, of course about the dynamic between you and another so regardless of what anyone else is doing, feeling or thinking about you, the focus really is on how you are able or unable to meet your own needs. If the thought is, “I just wish they would commit to our relationship agreements.” Then the turn around could be something like, “I fully commit to myself and to making my happiness realized everyday.”

Cancer and Cancer Rising: Resistance is futile. Not because you’ll give in to something greater than you, but because you’ll spend so much of your energy resisting the thing that you should be doing that you’ll never get anything done. And then conveniently, you could play the victim, as once again, “it” didn’t work out. Conversely you could know that the resistance is there and instead of letting it win, rule or knock you into unconsciousness you could keep an eye on it without feeding it and just do the work that needs to be done. This week’s full moon peaks in a part of your chart that deals with unconscious motivations and all that goes bump in the night. The thing about living with a certain amount of freedom is that we have more responsibility to do our inner work and right now you are meant to be in the backrooms of your being sorting out some deeply entrenched beliefs. Our past, when left unprocessed and unexamined has such a tremendous hold on us, like being under the spell of a snake-charming dictator we are memorized and led astray from our soul’s desire in order to serve our ego’s demented plan. Some meditations I want you to work with this week, and into the spring/summer are: whatever my relationship was or was not with my parents, it no longer has any power over me. I hereby call my energy back from whatever part of me is still waiting for their approval, support, recognition or acceptance. If you resist this work you just end up spending all your time trying to get eyeliner from a truck stop. Trust me honey, it’s not there. You are straightening out what your needs are and how you can meet them, a priceless gift to give yourself this holiday season

Leo and Leo Rising: One of the lies that American culture loves to propagate and perpetuate is that we are supposed to get all of our love from one person. As if there is a One True Love, Soul Mate or Ideal Partner out there for us that will contain and be the source of all we have ever wished for. It’s a trap that keeps us locked in a cycle of loneliness and thwarted expectations so that we are primed and ready to spend our hard earned money on anything that promises a fleeting feeling of fabulous. Tuesday’s full moon points to a much more balanced perspective-friends are just as important as lovers and while we need both (and a balance of the two) it’s your feeling of connectedness to your homies that’s going to save your tuchas this week. Therefore, put your focus on feeding those friendships; make dates, bring cookies, call a bestie, bring your boi some flowers and shower your gurl with love. We are only as strong as our connections to each other and this full moon highlights how sturdy those connections are for you. By the end of the week life takes on a more serious tone helping you use some of the upcoming downtime of the holidays to get work done. This is the kind of work that lies in the back of your closet in a box gathering dusk, the kind of work that awaits you at the gym or the dance studio and the kind of work that when done helps everything run much more smoothly. So do it when you can.

Virgo and Virgo Rising: It’s a good week to get recognized, but it’s not a good idea to let that be the world’s responsibility. It’s just as important for you to recognize all of the efforts you have made, as it is to hear the applause. Tuesday’s full moon is also a good time to see the outcome of all you have been thinking, speaking and creating in your professional world. More than any other sign (sun sign or rising sign) your communications create your career, and what has been bubbling up in that brain of yours is all of the creation tales that you’ve grown up in and out of.  Both the sun and Mercury have been traveling through your forth house which can allow you to see the past as if it’s occurring in the present. Depending on what’s there, this can either be a time of sweet reflection about how far you’ve come or rocky road of remembrance. Either way the past is the past, nothing resets our present like our mind and our communication with ourselves and with the world. As the Full moon highlights your career and public life I encourage you to bring the best of yourself to the surface. What every great leader has demonstrated, by risking their lives to live this principal, is that the holiest thing we can do is devote ourselves to serving each other. Like Ani Defranco says, “God’s work isn’t done by god, it’s done by people”.

Libra and Libra Rising: From now until the 25th things will most likely feel a little more wired than usual. Some themes to consider are “hurting others unknowingly” or having to create wild an elaborate escape plans because you’ve done your usual over extending, otherwise known as the  “pleasing everyone backbend” and if you don’t reconfigure your priorities you may break. This is a time to get a little more selfish and a little less concerned with what you think others want from you. Tuesday’s full moon is asking you to get a clearer on what you find meaningful right now. I’m not talking about last year’s resolution list, I’m talking about getting really clear on what you have recently discovered sustains you above all else. That should help you make more coherent choices when dealing with others, which will inhibit “mistakes” and “accidents”. Everyone knows that you care greatly for them, it’s simply in your nature to demonstrate it but it doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of being wildly insincere, insensitive and reckless with anthers heart. Holiday’s are rife with expectations which are seeds for resentments so don’t set yourself up as the savior, refuse the pedestal and you’ll find a better balance on the tight rope you are currently traversing.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising: Prayer doesn’t have to be about speaking to “god”. Prayer can be an invocation of what we wish for ourselves, like a blessing for our lives. This isn’t to say that we ask for things as if praying to a type of Bob Barker Santa Claus in the sky, but we can ask to be relieved of what holds us hostage, bound, afraid and unconscious. Feeling lost or at a loss may be a residue that you are working with, but some things are better left lost. Letting old ghosts rest is what the situation needs right now, we can’t always know what the meaning of a difficulty is and the need to understand what happens and why can side track us from the experience. What is important is that you remember to wrap yourself up after doing the deep work that is calling for your attention. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is love ourselves through difficulty and harder still is witnessing the kind of baseline that we live from. When we have experienced repeated trauma in our lives our baseline or resting place gets set at a pace that doesn’t actually allow any kind of rejuvenation or restoration, we remain revved. It looks like you are getting the opportunity to take an extremely in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes and why your resting place may be no place at all to actually put your feet up and take five. I recommend as many restorative practices as you can get in your daily routine to balance the kind of deep digging that you are doing.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising: For you, Tuesday’s full moon highlights Brene Brown’s central message in her latest animated clip, “What makes something better is connection”. How we try to get there is another deal all together. Some of us push, force, demand, dance, sing or slide sweetly into our unions, some movements successful, others not so much. Some of us have good enough boundaries that we build slowly, consistently and without fear or need to rush things, building a mature relationship based on trust, equality and mutual respect. These lessons are coming in droves now because of what has happened recently in all of your relationships and the full moon doesn’t let you look away from any of it. Just remember that you aren’t here to fix anyone, heal their pain or give them a short cut. Something truly amazing happens when we are able to sit with someone who’s in tremendous pain. Instead of seeing them as a project to fix, heal or teach we can see their struggle and their resilience. Sometimes just silently holding a picture of another as the wise and capable being that they are is enough to not only awaken that in them, but also in us. What we see as possible for others we know is possible for ourselves.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising: I would bet on some sort of major breakthrough leading up to the 25th of this month. Whether or not you are among those that celebrate the magic of the evergreen tree (a symbol of renewal at the winter solstice) your tribe is in store for some sort of ritual break, in fact there is a lot about your life right now that feels unsettled and this isn’t just a passing fad. In order for you to keep your home life functioning you are going to need a healthy dose of humor and a giant serving of unpredictable pie. Tradition is comforting until it becomes smothering, there are some old ways to keep and there are some new elements to incorporate in order to revitalize, renew and recharge your spiritual connection to your next year. Don’t be afraid to infuse your next go round the sun with your deepest heart centered desires. The rules of love, lust and attraction are revealing themselves to you and I suggest planning a birthday ritual that is infused with all the elements that you wish to cultivate in your next year on the planet. Use anything you can to invoke the spirit of the kind of life you wish to lead. Making an altar to your next years growth can be a beautiful daily reminder of what you are committed to manifesting. I suggest that Love be chief among those altarpieces.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising: Tuesday’s full moon lights up your creative ambitions, your talents for telling tickling tales of tremendously terrifying tricks and your feelings, fickle as they may be, about fun and fancy fornication (oh my!).  You may be raring to go in terms of getting it on with a certain so in so, or issues about the way a relationship is forming could be the dish that’s served. It’s important to remember that we are in part responsible for creating the meal, as no ingredient gets put in the pot with out at the very least our unconscious agreement. Create relationships that nourish you. Take it from someone who just ate a bag of candy in lue of breakfast and lunch-the sugar crash isn’t worth it. I’m not sure what I ate before kale made it into every crevice of my culinary consciousness, but I do know what I did before emotional boundaries became my #1 goal in relationships-I ruined every last one of them. The solstice (December 21st) marks the month of introspection before your birthday (happens to all of us) and this year is packing a powerful introverted pull for your meditative pleasure, meaning that it’s a good time to go inside and get your quiet on even if more entertaining things are vying for your attention.

Pisces and Pisces Rising: Depending on how your childhood rolled out, depending on how you interpreted those events and depending on how you have been able to process your past and make meaning out of your pain, Tuesday’s full moon will have you remembering those days long past. It’s such a trip to be a human; dogs don’t resent their parents, mice don’t cry over failed attempts at formidable feats. It seems that everything else in existence seems to just keep it moving without getting too hung up on what appears to be bad luck, foiled plans or utter defeat-the plant will always grow towards the light. But we, reflective, reproachful, remembering renegades must bear this burden of consciousness and make something meaningful out of what sometimes feels like such an unholy gift. So how to make the most of this? Art has always seemed to be the cure for human suffering and as the sun moves into your 5th house of creative courage and cahunas it’s time for you to make an exerted effort. Press play, fast forward even, if you find yourself caught in a midnight double header of “What Was”, just do not, for any reason press pause. Refuse to wallow-wade if you have to-but keep it moving into the present.

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