‘Tis The Season to Gift Yourself With Fitness! [CC's ShapeU]

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We’re all busy this time of year – between finals, making plans for winter break, and maybe even sorting out our future, we’ve got a lot on our minds. We also have the added stress of the holidays with hosting parties, finding the perfect gift, and realizing 2013 comes to an end in a mere 14 days (…ummm, WHAT?). Yeah. But during this time of chaos and utter disbelief, find yourself some time for you! Nothing says ‘me time’ quite like a 10 minute workout – help your body and your mind by taking a mental break for a physical challenge.

Ditch the study session and the gift wrapping, and take a little time out of your day for this 10-Minute Total Body Burn!

You’ll love this routine and get an amazing workout in enough time to still ace your exams and be Santa’s ultimate little helper! Do as many reps as possible, and complete the circuit of five exercises, then repeat for a kick-ass routine! Enjoy it as the new year approaches!