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True story: I’ve never really made a Christmas wish list. Maybe it’s just the winter season or something, but I never really see anything that I think “OMG I want that now!!!” But this year, things are different. I’ve had my eye on some items that I wouldn’t mind seeing under my tree! So I decided to share with y’all my very first Christmas wish list.


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1. Unicorn Mug; $37 Uncommon Goods – because its freaking adorable!

2. Parka; $295 Aritzia – warm & fuzzy to keep the brrrrrrr’s at bay.

3. Creme De La Mer; $155 La Mer - pricey? yes. miracle worker? yes! Go sample some for yourself at Nordstrom!

4. Heart Flats; $240 Alice + Olivia – seriously…can these get any cuter?!

5. Leather Shoulder Bag; $425 Marc By Marc Jacobs - practical bag for everyday and night!

6. Kitty Ring; $10 Nasty Gal - cuteness over load!

7. Turquoise Stud Earrings; $38 Kate Spadeperfect for all occasions!

8. Jazzy Jubilant Luxe Effects; $8 Essie – I. Love. Sparkly. Things.

9. Grumpy Cat iPhone Case; $20 Urban Outfitters – tooooooo cute!

10. Fluffy Cupcake Shower Gel; $ 21 Philosophy - I absolutely LOVE Philosophy and their delicious smelling products.