Here Are Some Red Flags You Should Definitely Stop Ignoring In Your Relationship

So I’ve been in some pretty bleak relationships. Relationships that were totally toxic and horrid and completely bad for me, but did I care? Nope! I was in love! I thought everything was perfect! So when he didn’t call me for 5 days and then forgot to tell me it was because he was on a “business trip” to “Dallas,” I just totally chose to believe his boldfaced lie.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

We get into these totally terrible relationships with people who are totally wrong for us and just ignore all the signs that are pointing for us to run as far away as we can from this before we end up totally destroyed. So when all of these relationships inevitably end, we’re left broken-hearted and wondering why we didn’t see all the red flags that screamed, “THIS IS BAD NEWS! RUN!” In reality, we saw all those signs, we just chose to ignore them because he had a lot of money or looked like Ryan Gosling or provided us with many a hot, steamy night. So the next time you can feel yourself falling down that bad relationship hole, SEE THE RED FLAGS AND RUN! If you don’t know any of the standard red flags of a terrible relationship, check out this video below and educate yourself! You’ll probably save yourself a whole lot of heartache and hangovers in the process! Enjoy!

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