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Here’s How To Finally End Your On Again, Off Again Relationship

We’ve all been in that limbo stage when it comes to a relationship. We get involved with someone who is probably horrible for us, and go through stages of loving him and absolutely hating him. At times, we realize that they’re the scum of the earth and no good for us. So we tell them it’s over and move on with our lives. But then we get lonely an realize that we need this person more than we think. So we send that “I miss you” text and we’re back where we started.

Or maybe you’re coming home for the holidays, and you run into that one guy that you always end up gravitating towards. You know nothing good can come from it, but yet, there you are! Why do we do this to ourselves? We need to stand up for what we know we deserve and end these tumultuous on again, off again relationships for good!

Stuck on how to do this? has you covered.

Head on over to Gurl and check out their 10 tips for finally setting yourself free!

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