Here Are The Absolutely Craziest College Kid Confessions Of 2013

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If you’re a college kid, you’re probably aware of websites dedicated to sharing confessions. Each college has it’s own designated site where any college student or professor can log-in and get some thing off their chest. From the super creepy to the super cute (I have a crush on this girl in my chem class, etc.), there are tons of different confessions from coeds that will raise some eyebrows.

Back when I was in college, we didn’t have anything nearly as amazing as these confession pages. If I would have known that such a thing existed, I’m pretty sure I would have wasted many hours perusing the website, in hopes that I would stumble upon something really juicy. Thankfully, Buzzfeed took care of that for us! Check out this compilation video of some of the craziest college confessions of the year!