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15 Pics That Accurately Sum Up Winter Break

The end is nigh. Winter break is coming to its conclusion and it’s going to be all the harder to get back into gear considering we are currently living in a polar vortex of some sort. I don’t know which is more difficult: getting out of bed when it’s freezing butt cold or getting out of bed when you’ve successfully rolled yourself in a blanket like cinnamon bun and the heater has perfectly toasted you? The winter struggle is real.

I personally believe that after New Years Eve it should immediately be summer. Then I realized that winter actually just began December 21st and won’t be officially over until the end of March, then I proceeded to knit myself a warm, cozy coffin for when I was done microwaving myself to death so that I could be heated from the inside out. Anyway, if you’re still enjoying winter break take advantage of it. One day you will be a “grownup” and never, ever have winter break, spring break or summer vacation again—unless you are a teacher, which is a pretty sweet deal, tbh.

Here are 15 pictures that accurately sum up the struggle of winter break.

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