10 Hilarious Passive Aggressive Notes From Parents

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It’s winter break so most of you are back with your parents or maybe some of you haven’t left the nest yet. There’s nothing like a good ole passive aggressive remark from your parents to make you both resent and appreciate them. I can’t help but recall a scene where Bart Simpson refers to how his clothes magically disappear during the day and return clean and folded to highlight how under-appreciated mothers and caretakers are. My parents weren’t really the “caretaking” kind nor were the diligent about us doing chores—we basically were the messiest family in history. No passive aggressive notes from my parents, I didn’t experience passive aggression on that level until my freshman year of college where girls on our floor would leave notes about preventing the communal bathroom from flooding as if it was anyone’s fault but the horrifyingly bad plumbing.

If you’re feeling like your parents are being hard on you or like maybe you’re taking them for granted these not-so subtle notes from parents will most definitely cheer you up.