10 Things To Say on a First Date to Avoid Awkward Moments

Unless your first date is played out by two really attractive actors in a movie called The Notebook, it is not often magical. I remember one of my first dates consisted of awkwardly discussing football in a movie theater while simultaneously praying in my head that the trailers would come on before we got to the part about me neither knowing nor watching football.

It seems to be all of our fates to have to bear through a few awkward dates. As uncomfortable as first date awkwardness may feel, you can always hope that these moments will someday become fond memories as you admire the big fat engagement ring he gave you.

But hey, here are ten things to say that could lessen the awkward tension on your next first-date. As long as you’re not too creepy (plastered smile and robotic voice) when showing off your conversational skills, you might get your big fat engagement ring after all. Or you could at least score a less awkward second-date.

[Lead image via Lucky Business/Shutterstock]

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