10 Stereotypes We Need To End To Better Humanity

10 Stereotypes We Need To End To Better Humanity

Stereotypes suck. It doesn’t matter if it’s because you are physically disabled, have red hair or wear a burqa. Stereotypes of any kind limit our understanding of each other and those who stereotype are doing two things: they are missing out on cool people and hurting cool people as well. There are big stereotypes that have to do with race, gender and class that really end up hurting society and there are some less severe, but albeit hurtful, ones like people with Southern accents “sound stupid” or that all white girls love pumpkin spiced lattes that don’t systematically oppress people but can still hurt people’s quality of life.

Today we’ll focus on the former because I am just so over people’s expectations of other people. Seeing men and women shocked that the girl in the short skirt is articulate and intelligent or young people amazed that an 50-year-old can run a mile, it’s wack at this point. If you believe in stereotypes then you are also placing limitations on who you’re allowed to be because you’ve probably boxed yourself into a category of a “kind of a person.” When you stop judging others the real freedom comes in the ability to stop judging yourself.

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