The Most Popular Password Of 2013 Is Pitifully Uncreative

The Most Popular Password Of 2013 Is Pitifully Uncreative

The most popular password among internet users isn’t even a word. It’s literally,”123456.” You guys, you are so going to get hacked. This is how you get hacked, guys. When someone starts instagramming butts and saying they are your butt from your account it’s because you probably have the least creative password possible. I am fairly certain in 2012 the most popular password was “password.”

A survey by mobile software developers SplashData revealed the top 25 passwords of 2013. You know how on TV shows characters always have to guess a password then they look around at objects in the room and figure out it was the person’s favorite pet or wife’s birthday or something preposterous like that. Well, now we know how ridiculous that is since most people’s passwords are pretty simplistic.

Here’s what also made the list: “Password” was #2 in popularity, while “abc123”  came in fifth place and “i love you” in ninth place. See what else is on the list and if your password is on here, please immediately change it. Moreover if you use the same password for everything (like me) that all makes your identity very easy to steal. 

[Via. The Independent /Shutterstock/Tomislav Pinter]

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