What Would You Say to this Rubber Ducky Condom? [PHOTO]

Last night a girl went home to hook up with a guy. No big news there, right? Well, when it came time to get down to business, the guy (presumably one the girl had just met) pulled out a rubber ducky condom. Yes, this is real life. The condom tip was a rubber duck. It had wings and eyes and a lil beak, as you can see from the image below.


Somehow the girl took a photo of the rubber duck condom in question and uploaded it to Reddit, where users are currently making countless dick duck jokes. My question to you guys, however, is this: what would you do in this situation?

You meet a guy out, like him enough to go home with him where you’ll likely have sex, and then…BAM. Rubber ducky condom in your face. Me? I’d grab my clothes and get out of there. Like…what if that thing got lost. Inside of you. Nope. No thanks. Bye. But that’s not to say I’d judge you for staying if you’re cool with the duck.

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