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Twitter Got Mad Proactive Jokes About Bieber’s Mugshot

Soon after Justin Bieber‘s mugshot was released the world #proactive went viral on Twitter. We had to investigate. As it turns out Mr. Bieber used to be a Proactive spokesperson (like every other celebrity on the planet from Katy Perry to P. Diddy). After seeing a few zits on JB’s face the inevitable Proactive jokes ensued. Look as someone with adult acne I know the struggle is real but when can only presume Justin is typically wearing foundation (who isn’t?) or he is finally going through late puberty. Either way he has good eyebrows. Check out the best Proactive joke tweets in the gallery below.

“It’s totally easy like 1, 2, 3. It’s pretty chill.” Justin says of Proactive. Well, there you go.

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