Hear Lorde Without Autotune Performing ‘Royals’ At The Grammys

Wow. OMG. Lorde’s Grammy performance is completely different without being “technologically enhanced.” I won’t be seeing her live anytime soon. She sounds so DIFFERENT without all that help. I had no idea. I thought her whole schtick was that she was a genuinely great singer and songwriter—a wunderkind prodigy of sorts. After watching this my opinion of her has completely changed. Pure Heroine? More like PURE BULLSH!T. It’s kind of pathetic that so many singers rely on technological enhancements. I guess literally ANYONE can be famous. You don’t have to be talented at all now a days you just have to sell your soul to the right devils. The right managers, producers, record labels—that’s all it takes. After really believing in Lorde, I have to say, she has completely lost this fan. *



*JK. Obviously.

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