The 20 Weirdest Things That Happened On Arthur

Arthur is a kid’s television show on PBS that has been airing since 1996 and it is ICONIC. Arthur the Aardvark was first a legendary book series by Marc Brown about an awkward aardvark who had to grapple with his “hideous” nose in the first book Arthur’s Nose. After several plastic surgeries Arthur conformed to conventional beauty standards and while his “normalization” was restored I can’t help but ask, was his self-esteem? Was society?!

arthur's nose

I remember reading all of the Arthur story books as a kid—like really devouring everything my elementary school library had to offer. Then later on they released those Arthur chapter books. “Big kid books,” that had more words and more complicated stories. When I heard there was an Arthur animated series I would run home from school everyday to sing that theme song (performed by Ziggy Marley!), “And I say, ‘Hey! What a wonderful kind of day! Where we can learn to work and play and get along with each other!'” D.W., his little sister, was sassy enough to hold my attention span for the rather “lighthearted” story lines.The show also featured awesomely bizarre guest stars from Yo-Yo Ma to Joan Rivers. It was the longest running animated series with seventeen seasons, after The Simpsons.  I loved Arthur even with all its logical fallacies like Arthur owning a pet dog while there were “dog people” walking around.

Here are 20 things that happened in Arthur that were a little weird.

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