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Relationships Lessons From #HeDon’tBangWithYou

#HeDontBangWithYou has been trending on Twitter it is the most confusing hashtag yet. While Editor-in-Chief Alex believes the term refers to a females rejection of a prospect because he is triflin’, I see it as the male’s rejection of the female or as warning signs that he is just not that into you. For example, one of the tweets read, “If he don’t come over while your period on #hedontbangWithyou.”

Essentially the hashtag serves as friendly—cough—ridiculous—cough—tips and tricks on how to interpret your prospective boo’s behavior. If you’ve ever wondered: does he really like me? Then #HeDontBangWithYou is the hashtag you need to figure out if you should move onto someone who DOES bang with you. If anyone else would like to explain this terminology to me then feel free to do so in the comments.


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