Your “Pretty Little Liars” Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 18

Your “Pretty Little Liars” Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 18

With Spencer on Ezra’s trail, things are picking up speed. Let’s discuss what happened:

1. Spencer works that drug addict chic: Meaning that she looked awful this entire episode. I love how teen dramas delve into an issue so quickly. Only last week she was taking Brandon’s prescription drugs for the first time, now she’s officially a user who does shady deals in the girl’s bathroom. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Still, she’s the only one whose onto Ezra’s identity as ‘A’ too bad no one will believe her because she’s an addict now! She’s doin’ it all wrong. Imma need for her to pull it together quick, if she wants to save her credibility and friendships. Acting and looking like a loon isn’t a good look for anyone, especially Rosewood’s perfect prep princess.

2. Aria’s guilt finally shows up and disappears just as quickly: I was wondering if Aria was a borderline sociopath given her lack of real guilt over lying to her friends. Of all the liars, she’s probably the biggest one right now as she continues her relationship with Ezra, aka the worst human being ever aka Board Shorts aka why hasn’t he been arrested yet? She went to that new counselor, and even though he came off kinda creepy last week, it seems like he really wants to help. Too bad for him that she’s dumb and let Ezra take her away to their secret cabin. He’s pulling her in closer and closer, like a fish on a hook.

3. Hanna and Detective Holbrook = Hanbrook?: Well, we learned that his name is actually Gabe but he’ll forever be “detective” to me–it’s sexier that way. He’s pretty much the cutest thing on this show in awhile and his chemistry with Hanna is undeniable. Butttt I’m unsure whether or not they’ll get together. After all, he is an officer of the law and Hanna and her friends aren’t the most law abiding citizens. Also, there is the age difference, and the fact that he used to investigate her but that’s all irrelevant on this show. Any relationship, no matter how inappropriate, seems to go down on this show.

4. Emily’s big heist: Emily is clearly the one who cares about Ali the most, and it’s clear that she’s willing to do anything to help her. Even if that means teaming up with Shauna whose been less than trustworthy this whole season. But Shauna needs Emily’s help so she enlists her into going into the DiLaurentis house and retrieving a wad of cash from behind a painting. Before we can get a clear reason on what the money was for and how Ali is doing, Ezra managed to get Shana out of town, and out of the picture. Oh, the intrigue…

5. Ezra takes creepy to new heights: Ezra, Ezra, Ezra! I remember when we thought he was the cutest, nicest guy around…well he’s proved that the nice, quiet ones are the ones you have to watch out for. He’s becoming more controlling and needy towards Aria as he told her to think about him as the person she’s closest to instead of her friends; these are classic Liftetime movie moment abusive boyfriend words but of course Aria fell for it. He’s also turned their secret cabin into a workspace, equipped with surveillance equipment of the girls’ every move. I know he comes from a rich family and outsources a lot of his blackmail but where does he really get the time to do all this stuff? I would like to see his production schedule and how he’s never tired from teaching and stalking all the time.

Do you think Hanna and Holbrook will happen? What do you think that money was for? Until next week!

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