Miley Cyrus Is Naked Again, In Vogue Germany

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Miley Cyrus is nude again in Vogue Germany. What can we say, she’s got covetable boobs, why not show them off? After all, in a few years gravity will take its toll, leaving them floppier, saggier and less “photogenic.” If you got it, flaunt it, appears to be Miley’s motto. That’s better than YOLO, I guess. Miley to me is one of the most intriguing stars of today. There is nothing new about what she is doing, nothing groundbreaking, nothing even interesting—in fact, the only thing that is interesting about Miley is that she sparks so much interest. For all the hate (and often love as well) that I see in the comments, the fact that we all feel so strongly about Miley is a testament to her power.

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Women have been capitalizing on their sexuality for hundreds of years. The patriarchy created a system where women are valued only for their looks and men are valued only for their money. It’s a fucked up game but most of the time it feels like the only one to play. Often times it’s the only one you’re allowed to play because first and foremost before what we ladies say is heard, we are scrutinized, not just by men but by other women as well, for how we look.

We all keep talking about Miley which makes it hard for her to go away and then we talk about how the only reason she is relevant is because we talk about every little thing she does. Well, I’m not sure if I want her to go away. She’s the kind of person who has her heart in the right place but often misses the point just a little bit. I mean, yeah, we get it, Miley, you’re a feminist so you think it’s fine to show off your cha chas and it is, but what else have you got to say about feminism other than that you don’t want to fit into conventional beauty standards? We’ve all heard and said that ourselves, so what’s next? And if you are a musician where is that in the music? Like Lady Gaga‘s “shocking” outfit, after shocking outfit, how much longer can a pair of boobs sustain your career? In Gaga’s case it wasn’t very long before we became exasperated. So, Miley, I ask of you, as an appreciator, what are you going to do next?

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