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Don’t Make Your Man A Purse Bitch Of Instagram #HoldThisBB

“Hold my purse and wait here for a sec, bb.” The dreaded words of a lover, worse than “We need to talk,” and “Is it in yet?” Turning your significant other into your purse bitch so that you have free range to shop for thongs and matte bronzers is both an act of defiance and of love. If your homie can sit down while clutching that Kate Spade radiant orchid tote you got on sale and a few bags from H&M without complaining then consider that an act of devotion. You, on the other hand, better be prepared to do the same when it comes to whatever stupid interest he has that you have to support. EQUALITY, PEOPLE.

To honor the men who brave the worse thing possible: boredom, in solidarity with their boos, the Instagram Miserable_Men captures the spirit and integrity of these noble gentlemen. Pay your respects.

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