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5 Cute and Easy DIY Valentines to Surprise Your Sweetie (Or BFF) With

Every year I get cute handmade cards for Valentine’s Day, I vow to make my own for next year. But in reality, I just end up buying that box of 30 Disney Princess valentines to send to my friends. Don’t get me wrong, Disney Princesses are super adorable, but sometimes you just wanna go the extra mile for that special someone. And what screams “I stopped Netflix binging for you” more than a homemade valentine?

Grab your scissors and check out these 5 adorable DIY valentines that are super easy!



What you’ll need:

-White card stock

-Craft paint (as many or as little colours as you wish!)

What to do:

1. Lay the cards out and start swirling the craft paint around.


2. Add more colours if you wish!


3. Voila!


Thank you Boxwood Clippings for the tutorial and photos!

Hearts In A Jar


What you’ll need:

-Brown paper card & envelope

-Pastel paper heart shapes

-Adhesive foam pieces

-Get the print jar template here

What to do:

1. Attach the adhesive foam pieces onto the back of the hearts and fill up the jar until it’s full!


Thanks to DC2NY Confessions for the awesome tutorial and photos!

Other Easy Ideas:

Grab some glue and go!


Thank you Real Simple for the adorable photos and ideas!

A little bling


Thanks to North Story for simple and cute valentine idea!

…and for those looking’ for a little action later on



Thank you Kendra for this valentine idea!

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