Leonardo DiCaprio Turned Down a Role in “Hocus Pocus” & Other Links to Read in Bed

I know Halloween isn’t exactly around the corner, but I’ll take any opportunity I can get to talk about my favorite “spooky” movie of all time, Hocus Pocus. Just today I read that none other than Leonardo DiCaprio turned down a starring role in the cult classic. Allegedly he was offered “more money than he ever dreamed of” to play one of the leading mean because the schedule conflicted with his screen test for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

Personally, I would have loved seeing Leo as Thackery Binx, trying to take down the Sanderson sisters. #Swoon.


Today’s Google Doodle will warm your heart and make you feel feels.

Facebook now allows you to pick from genders aside from “Male” and “Female”

Evengy Plushenko’s wife is your spirit animal.

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