The 16 Most Questionable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day where high school students buy each other presents from the drug store, yay! I am not for or against Valentine’s Day, I just seriously despise the utter tackiness of having red and pink paired together. Those colors are not complimentary! I don’t think it’s fair to measure your significant other’s worth on what they purchase you on this day. While there can be some huge and confusing misses it’s safe to say the pressure is on and most people don’t have the finesse to know what to do when the entire country is telling you that this is the one day of the year you have to make a spectacular gesture that is also directly in line with someone else’s sensibilities. Let’s just say the result for some is wonderful and for others there can be some questionable gift giving. Still, today should be a celebration of love and companionship not consumerism and opulence.

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