Simon Rex’s Instagram Videos Are Disturbing, Yet Amazing

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simon rex

Simon Rex is by no means relevant. He’s had a career of unremarkable TV and movie roles, I think I read somewhere that he dabbled in porn. Whatever, let the man live. For no other reason than the fact that I’m drawn to him in the same way you might consider making out with a frat bro in an American flag tank top because YOLO what else is going on, I occasionally keep tabs on Mr. Rex. I just like to know what that beautiful mind of his is up to.

Earlier this week I wandered onto his Instagram page and found the mother-load of oh my god, am I really watching this video uploads. If there was ever a question as to where his true talents lie, let these 15 second video clips set the record straight. We have been drastically underestimating Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty.

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