15 People On Tumblr Whose Lives I Do Not Understand

Tumblr is a special place where miracles happen. It’s a haven for millennials, yes, the kind who post selfies and inspirational quotes, the kind who discuss gender politics and pass along thought provoking articles, and yes, the kind who stan for pop stars and aspire to own Chanel handbags from Rodeo Drive. And no, it’s not that these categories are mutually exclusive, Tumblr users embody multitudes of interests from the highest to the lowest of culture, making it my favorite social media destination. Tumblr is a special place where people will expose their true selves, their fucking fabulous, most honest selves and even their most embarrassing selves. There are all different kinds of people on Tumblr and this post is a dedication, no it is a homage, to those people on Tumblr whose lives I do not know, do not understand, do not engage with but will reblog the shit out of. Forever, reblog.

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