16 Horrifying And Hilarious Human Animal Face Swaps

Animals were handcrafted by nature and nurture (evolution) to have the precise features they need to survive. Do you ever just look at a person, remember they are an animal and realize that we are just ugly, freakishly dressed creatures that are strangely tech savvy? Do you ever wonder what an ape sees when they look at us? “Wow, that is one ugly, hairless, motherfucker,” is what I imagine they say about us. They probably think we have bizarre and degrading hair practices. I imagine one female ape telling another female ape, when they see us without any body hair, “That’s not feminist.”

Anyway, no matter how many permutations or reorganizations there are of human beings, there’s probably an evolutionary explanation for it, that’s why we’re all pretty perfect when you think about it. That’s also why swapping attributes with animals is absolutely terrifying. We were not supposed to have dog mouths ….. right? It’s just a strange and uncanny feeling but hey, it may start a new plastic surgery trend.

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