Most Couples Have Slept With Their Weddings Guests (Because We’re All Hoes)

Our open mindedness to friends-with-benefits lifestyles is coming around, once again, to bite us in the bum. A new study reveals that 60% of newlyweds have slept with at least two guests invited to their wedding. You might think this is normal enough, considering typically everyone has at least one ex and sometimes people remain friends with their exes, but the next statistic I’m about to lay on you makes this whole thing a little more scandalous.

Of those slutty (jk) newlyweds, 32% of them state they would rather their partner not know that they had sex with a friend. Obviously if you invited your ex to your wedding, your husband-to-be would know you had slept with that person. This particular statistic indicates that there are a whole lot of friends out there sleeping with each other on the sly.

What’s more, 12% of those polled admitted that they had asked other guests who were in the know re: the secret sex that had happened, to guard that info from the unknowing. This is a lot of truth withholding if you ask me, especially given that you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with Person A and you both slept with and invited Person B to your wedding as a guest. Shady behavior.

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