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The Very Best Hilarious Tweets From Beyoncé Fan Fiction

Imagine a world where Beyoncé has telekinetic powers, can manipulate the weather and finds diamonds in avocados. I am sure you imagine that the real Beyoncé’s life isn’t really too far from that. The pictured tweet above is already unrealistic: everyone knows pimples are too scared to form on Beyoncé’s head. Mrs. Carter leads a pretty mysterious life and I don’t blame her. Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she has to share every passing thought or fart she has. Her need to protect her privacy is why she often comes across as vigorously perfect, on top of that she is also a perfectionist. To most, Beyoncé appears to be some sort of beauty queen android or like she is trying too hard to convince us her poop doesn’t stink, according to Beyoncé Fan Fiction she is merely a vegan superhuman with magical powers.

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