10 Celebrities And Their Love Of Sex Toys

Miley Cyrus tweeted out pictures of her vibrator, known in the biz as “Adonis.” This isn’t particularly shocking but rather illuminating. Mostly because I can’t imagine why anyone would want to fap with a giant, mannequin-sized hand, unless they’re super into mannequins? Gawker did some research and found that Adonis is for fisting. Here’s some of the product description, “NOT for the faint of heart, the Hand of Adonis is a unique tool for size enthusiasts, or anyone interested in fisting. The ultra realistic, 16 1/2 inch arm ends in a ‘duck bill’ positioned hand, with thick fingers for lots and lots of sensation.”

After Miley posted the picture, it got me wondering about other celebrities’ sex toys. I mean, celebrities are technically human beings and while most of them don’t feel the need to instagram their bedroom business, surely they get up to some interesting stuff between the sheets. After investigating, turns out I was right; celebrities have way more money than us muggles and they like to spend it on sex toys.

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