16 Cats With Stuff On Them Are Totally Zen

Cats are the strangest and most bizarre creatures we decided to call pets. Why on Earth would we decide that an animal who poops in a box, ignores us when we call their name and hisses at us when we pet them would make for a good house animal? Because cuteness, obviously. While cats may recoil when you reach your hand out to caress them, while they may immediately scamper off when you rock their sleeping area, while they may be in no hurry to cuddle with you, like so many other pets would, cats have absolutely no issue with you piling a bunch of crap on them. As long as they can purr and simmer in the same spot, you may as well dump an entire plate of mashed potatoes on them. They simply will not move. They simply will not. It’s because they are zen kitties.

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