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College Students Arrested For Having Dog Do Keg Stand

Two SUNY-Brockport students were arrested for having a dog do a keg stand. They have been charged with animal abuse for making the dog drink beer. Police say the,”students held the black Labrador retriever over a keg and apparently forced the animal to drink from the tap during an off-campus party Saturday at a house in the village, located 17 miles west of Rochester.”

One of the kids put the photo on Twitter and now they’re both being charged with torturing and injuring an animal. What’s fun for college students is literal torture to other animals. Sigh. Do not post the dumb things you do on social media to glorify your ignorance. And please, do not unnecessarily harm man’s best friend. I know they call dogs our BFFs but that doesn’t mean we get to do everything we do with our BFFs with them.

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