7 Ways to Pull Off Saint Patty’s Day Fashion

7 Ways to Pull Off Saint Patty’s Day Fashion

Ah, Saint Patrick’s Day. A day of no judgements, lots of jello shots and an offensive amount of the color green. Look, I have nothing against calendar couture (that means dressing up in the spirit of a holiday), but I do think there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. And if you’re wearing green pants, a tee shirt that says “kiss me, I’m drunk,” a green headband, and green flip flops….well, you could do better.

So how exactly do you do it right? You carry your general fashion aesthetic with you and find create ways to incorporate green into you outfit. Whether you do it by wearing a little green liner in place of your usual black or by wearing a green-and-white striped top, find something that doesn’t look exactly like what everyone else is wearing.

Click through for some of my favorite emerald fashions.

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