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10 Fashion Sweatshirts That Say I Am So Over All Of This Sh!t

Do you ever wake up and are just like: #Nope? Yep, we all have those days when you cannot muster the energy to deal with the pettiness of other human beings, the stress of work or school, the demands of society. Some days we just cannot even. On these days I prefer to look as schlumpty as possible, I  make sure to wear my earbuds all day long, I want people to know that they should avoid speaking to me because if they say something preposterously inane I might just snap. Instead of looking like a shady drifter, I figured there must be other ways to send a similar message: funny fashion sweaters. The slogans on these cute sweatshirts say, “I am over you, human,” all the while looking cute and chic.

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