The 5 Worst Dressed TV Characters of All Time

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If you’ve read my story about the best-dressed TV characters of all time, you know I really love two things: fashion and TV. So when the two intersect (and they always seem to since TV characters can’t just be naked. Unless you’re talking about like, True Blood, which I do not watch) I get very happy…and a little judgmental.

These are the characters who – in my eyes – just miss the sartorial mark.


Naomi Clark, 90210: Naomi was her class’ resident fashophile. Unfortunately, she went over the top when trying to prove this. Her outfits were always so calculated, so immaculately styled, that they came off as costume-y and ridiculous. This character just never looked effortless and that is never a good thing in my book.


Hannah Horvath, Girls: I know that Hanna is supposed to be a hot mess – it’s kind of the whole point of the show – but I just can’t get behind this character’s sloppy wardrobe. Don’t jump down my throat because this criticism has absolutely nothing to do with Lena Dunham’s body type. It’s just about the fact that this character’s outfits always overwhelm me. My advice to Hannah? Simplicity is always in style. Lay off the prints once in a while. And wear a damn bra!


Santana Lopez, Glee: The reason I added Santana to the list is simple: Her outfits are always about showcasing a gorgeous body and rarely about showing personal style. There is nothing creative about wearing a short, tight, solid colored dress and that’s pretty much all we ever see from this character.


Aria Montgomery, Pretty Little Liars: My high school used to have a thing called “Wacky Wednesday.” It fell during Homecoming week every year and we were encouraged to pile on the weirdest outfits we could come up with. Every time I see a new outfit from Aria on Pretty Little Liars I think “hey, that would have been a great Wacky Wednesday getup.” It just looks like this girl throws on every weird item she has in her closet. There are way too many colors and layers and it all just clashes.  I don’t get it.


Quinn Perkins, Scandal: If Olivia Pope were the “what to wear if you work in a conservative industry but still want to look good” prototype (she pretty much is), Quinn would be her “what not to wear if you work in a conservative industry but still want to look good” counterpoint. She always looks stuffy and disheveled all at once and I don’t know how that’s even possible.