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Why Last Night’s Random Hookup Was Good for Your Health


The good folks at Buzzfeed are at it again. Fresh off the heels of the now-infamous Wren advertisement that featured random and beautiful strangers making out, this short-but-sweet clip explains why kissing just feels so damn good.

The practice derives from early human activity, when adults chewed food and transferred it to the mouths of their babies. Thankfully, we’ve evolved past that (well…except for Alicia Silverstone), but the sensations – including natural endorphins and fight-or-flight fueled adrenaline – have remained the same since the beginning of time. Be careful, though, ladies – CNN says that women tend to emphasize kissing more than men. Don’t catch feelings if it’s just a spontaneous smooch session. Things will get complicated, people will get hurt and you’ll lose your newfound make-out buddy. If you’re emotionally stable enough to smooch without abandon then go for it, girl! I’m just saying….it burns calories, too. Lolz bye, burpees. Pucker up and watch the video below.

[Lead image via Power 96]

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