The 12 Ugliest Celebrity Cries of All Time

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Call us cruel, but we here at College Candy love a good celebrity cry. I mean, think about it. These are the most buzzed-about, bold-faced names in the world with unlimited access to like…everything. And they still get the feels. Beyoncé AKA the Creole Carter Texan Honey-Dipped Honeybee Goddess of the Free World let fans see her ugly cry after her very last Mrs. Carter Show concert in Portugal late last week. Though Bey is basically perfection (don’t even get me started), it’s kind of comforting to see that she can break character and let it all out like the rest of us mere mortals. When you’re having a moment, you lose sight of how you look to everyone else because you’re so wrapped up in your emotions. Snot’s running, tears are rolling, makeup’s slipping off, hair gets messy – it’s just…ugly. With no alibi. Like the queen, these 12 celebs were also caught in respectively ugly moments. Need a hanky, y’all?

[Lead image via The Gloss]

Khalea Underwood