#EXPRESSYOSELF With These 7 Sassy Statement Sweatshirts


Are you putting in way too many hours at your crummy on-campus job because you’re ‘wirkin for a Birkin?’ Do you have those day when you snooze too many times and have no time to get yourself together – why not let it be known that you ‘woke up like dis?’

The statement sweatshirt trend is kind of everywhere right now, and it’s also kind of amazing. I mean, sure you could just reach for whichever sweatshirt you have lying on your floor from your last Scandal binge-watching session, but why not upgrade it a bit without sacrificing comfort at all? Donning a statement sweatshirt is not only on-trend, it’s also a great way to showcase your personality (especially if it can be described as ‘sassy,’ ‘snarky’ or ‘witty’ – in which case, let’s be friends!).

So why not #EXPRESSYOSELF with one of these statement sweatshirts? You’ll be the coolest (and coziest) girl on campus.

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