How I Met Your Mother Had A Crap Finale, Here’s Why

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How I Met Your Mother took its viewers on a wild ride for almost a decade only to leave them high and dry during last night’s series finale. After finally meeting Ted’s future wife and “the mother” fans started to pick up on hints that well, maybe the reason why this guy spent approximately 1,000 years telling his children this story was because she might be dead. They were right. Then, it turned out, the mother, Tracy, wasn’t Ted’s “true love” all along or maybe she was just one of two in a series of true loves.

What actually happens is that Robin and Barney get married, then divorce, the mother dies and then it turned out that Ted and Robin were real true love all along. OKBYE.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the show. I didn’t love it the way many people did. Instead of giving you what can only be summed up as an indifferent eye roll. Here’s what the critics and fans of the show had to say.

Vulture: “A few weeks ago, I started getting worried that the mother was going to die on How I Met Your Mother, and that her death was going to lead to Robin and Ted winding up together after all. At the time, I said that would be a cop-out, especially given the lengths the show had gone to to put Robin and Barney together. And now the finale has aired. And frustratingly, the exact thing I wanted not to happen happened. The mother died. HIMYM just spent an entire season on the weekend of Robin and Barney’s wedding, only to have them get divorced in the blink of an eye. My boss says using vulgar language makes us all look bad, but I can’t help it in this instance: This is complete bullshit. …”

AV Club: “For me, there’s only one thing that needs to happen to fulfill the show’s promise. Ted needs to be happy. . . . . And what was most beautiful about this finale wasn’t the details of what happened to Ted, but that he seemed so happy. We don’t even see him grieve over Tracy; that’s not the point.”

People: “HIMYM, at its core, was about the unpredictability of love. Love (like Lily’s bangs circa 2016) is difficult; it never comes when and where you expect it. Barney, for example, didn’t find love in a hot tub full of 10 bimbos, but rather with his daughter Ellie born to ‘Number 31,’ the last in a month’s worth of one-night stands. He tells his little girl, ‘You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.’ Barney’s declaration, like many other moments – the pangs of friends growing apart, despite promises to the contrary – was truly touching. Maybe HIMYM was the love story of Ted and Tracy; maybe it was the love story of Ted and Robin. Or maybe it was the love story of a man who was lucky enough to find two loves of his life.”

Variety: “It  took a whole lot of fancy footwork to get from where the episode began to how it wound up, rather hastily hopping over a huge chunk of story to reach the point where the older Ted can be granted, with the blessing of his kids, a second shot at happiness. For many, the emotion of the hour will overcome such nitpicking, and there was certainly a lot of heart in it — the best moment in that regard coming from Neil Patrick Harris, when the skirt-chasing Barney finally comes face to face with the woman who will actually change him, his baby daughter. That said, this is one of those episodes where it probably helps to be either hugely invested in the series or to have drifted far enough away that some of the leaps won’t feel quite so jarring.”

Time: “I do not want to dwell on all the things I hated about the How I Met Your Mother finale.I do not want to dwell on how, as I wrote before, introducing the Mother — farewell, Tracy McConnell, how briefly we knew you! — then killing her off to pair Ted and Robin, would be and was a mistake. Not because HIMYM owed us a happy ending, or any particular ending, but because it made the entire series an elaborate fake-out, setting up an elaborate story that was not, in the end, what it purported to be about.I do not want to dwell on how this finale — from all reports planned long ago — was essentially a failure in the confidence of HIMYM’s storytelling. “

There you have it. Another show does exactly what they said they were never going to do because they can’t think of anything better.