The Commitmentphobe’s Guide To Changing Up Your Look


The seasons just changed, which means you might be doing a bit of spring cleaning – and since that usually just means making room for a few new wardrobe pieces, why not change up your beauty game too?

Admittedly, I might not be the best person to dole out advice on changing things up. I’ve never dyed my hair, I wear the same black skinny jeans pretty much every day (I own three pairs, don’t judge my hygiene) and┬áthe only time I ever made a bold change to my appearance came six years ago when I got a tattoo….which I now deeply regret.

But even if you’re like me – a little nervous about making an irrevocable change – you can switch up your look with relative ease. You can even avoid the slew of regrets that comes when you make a permanent change by sticking to the things that are temporary and easily reversible. I’m a fan of the following ideas – but if you have any others to add, let me know in the comments!


Temporary hair dye:┬áSnap up some spray-on color (try this) and squirt away for a few colored streaks. I have super dark hair and the salesgirl at Sephora assured me that this would show up – so fellow brunettes, give this stuff a try. Hair chalking is another fun option.


Bold lipstick: I’m never going to stop advocating the bold lip thing. Pick up a build-able stain in a fun color like fuchsia or blood orange – it’s an instant and noticeable change and it couldn’t be easier to remove it when you want to go back to your “normal” look. Give these a try – they are fan-freakin’-tastic.


Colored lashes: You know how much of a difference a good black mascara makes? Imagine how cool it would look if you went with a purple or a blue lash enhancer instead.

Bold eyebrows

Big brows: They say your eyebrows can completely change your face. Instead of getting them plucked into submission, let them do their thing for a change. Then use a brow pencil to enhance their shade and make them even more intense.

Clip-in bangs

Clip in extensions: Change up your hair instantly with some easy extensions. Already have long hair? Try clip in bangs. And if you’re skeptical, consider this – pretty much every celeb wears extensions and they look pretty amazing.

[Lead image via AlikeYou/Shutterstock]

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