Did James Franco Try And Pick Up A Teenage Girl On Instagram?

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Did James Franco try to pick up a seventeen-year-old girl via. Instagram? Yes, it looks like it. James Franco attended NYU the same time I attended NYU and the stories about him and John Mayer being super pervy to college students definitely established a reputation that superseded them. Seventeen is the legal age of consent in New York but that doesn’t mean it isn’t eyebrow raising for a 35-year-old man to be trying to pick up a teenager, especially when he is probably surrounded by equally as attractive and charming women his own age.

Here’s Lucy.

James met seventeen-year-old Lucy outside of his Broadway play¬†Of Mice And Men.¬†He went onto DM her on Instagram and interrogate her about how old she was to see assess whether it was cool to bone her or not. Lucy, being the smart, cheeky, Scottish tourist she was, started taking screen shots of her conversation and demanded that James write her name on a piece of paper to prove that she was actually talking to him. Genius. The handle “JamesFrancoTV” is in fact James’ official Instagram.

Here’s Lucy taking a video with James Franco.

[Via. D. Listed]

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