5 Ways Michelle Williams is Shining On You Haters


You guys are so, so mean. And so, so funny. Between the #PoorMichelle hashtags, memes and the website, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Michelle was never my favorite member of Destiny’s Child – we all know who that is. But she was never that bad. Sure, she only got the short end of the stick. And in the photos. And videos. And on the songs. But how else would we be reminded to move our booties up and down while surrounding ourselves with positive things and gaining prosperity? Michelle doesn’t necessarily have the same star power and pull as her counterparts, but she’s still using her status to make a name for herself across genres. Her smoky vocals and A-List acting chops keep her relevant and very rich as she reminded us last week. And she can’t be knocked down for that. Oops…well, maybe she can.

[Lead image via Unexpected Michelle]

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