Healthy Subscription Boxes That Work For Everyone From Health Nuts To Beer Nuts

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graze box

So pretty much all of my friends are into the whole subscription box thing. They’ve done BirchBox, Julep and even went through the whole shady ShoeDazzle phase. I was a little bored a few weeks ago, had a little bit of extra money to spend per month and thought maybe I’d try one. Sadly to say there are literally SO MANY options out there that I really couldn’t pick one. Considering the fact that I really know nothing about high-end beauty products, I know I would have picked a complete fluke.

Then I stumbled upon an ad in my Fitness Magazine for a subscription box called Graze. I suddenly realized if there are subscriptions for things like hairspray, there would OF COURSE be tons to support healthy lifestyles! After a little research, I’ve uncovered some of the best healthy subs available, and there is one to suit just about any health nut out there. Whether you’re a vegan, gluten free, or just love to bust your ass — there’s an AFFORDABLE box for you!

Check out my top 9 picks for healthy subscription boxes and tell me which are your favs below!