Did Beyoncé Photoshop Her Thighs In A Candid Photo?

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There’s been much speculation over a recent candid photo of Beyoncégolfing. It appears her thigh is super wobbly and very slender. There’s no question that Bey doesn’t like to have bad pictures of herself out there. We all remember when her people demanded the entire internet remove those unflattering photos of her Superbowl performance. Recently, a paparazzi photographer admitted that Lady Gaga requires that candid photos of her be lightly photoshopped to remove shine from the forehead, bad lighting, things like that. We know celebrities alter their photos even when the photos are supposed to be casual, “real” pictures. Us muggles do it too. Instagram filters are a form of alteration whether we’d like to admit it or not. However, there’s a difference between creating flattering shadows and altering body parts. It just seems a little extreme.

beyonce thighs

Beyoncé is probably the slimmest she’s ever been right now or the slimmest she’s been in a while. She’s got amazing, muscular and aspirational legs so why the smoke and mirrors?


Her legs look much fuller from this side. So if she photoshopped them in the first picture why wouldn’t she do it in this one? In a world that demands we have thigh gaps, I can’t imagine anyone is absolved of the pressure to acquire one. If you’ve noticed, Beyonce never stands with her legs closed, maybe it’s because she is thigh-gapless and it’s probably more “flattering” to her legs to have a wide stance? I’d like to think she stands that way because it is more powerful.

Wide Stance


Legs Parted

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

***Flawless Wide Stance


Even when Bey does stand with her legs together she pushes her booty out to create the illusion of a thigh gap. You can see it here but the pose was also featured in her Sports Illustrated Superbowl photoshoot. Do you think the photo has been altered or is it just a weird angle?


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