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What Your Going Out Bag Says About You, You QT Pie

handbag post

Every girl has a preferred way of doing this: her way. The purse a woman choses, what she carries in it and why can say a lot about where she is in her life, where she’s going and what she’s into. Do appearances matter? No, not when it comes to the important things but every single person in this country wakes up and thinks: what am I going to wear. Whether your options are vast or small, whether you care about fashion or not, you still have to get dressed in the morning. You are always making a choice about what you are wearing, even if it is limited by money, thoughtfulness or personal style. Every girl is different, even those of us who fit into subcultures make tiny tweaks to give ourselves that dash of uniqueness. Today we will speculate: what do our going out bags say about us? Are you a Queen Bee or Minimalist? A Fashionista or a Free Spirit? Find out.

[Image Via. Shutterstock/ Dovile Kuusiene]

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